Tree Services

LJ Taylor provide many different services related to trees and your home garden.

  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Felling
  • Tree Planting
  • Tree and Bush Removal

All to a great price and professional standard.


It is vital that we plan tree felling carefully. Trees must be felled safely. The factor that primarily affects tree felling is whether there are major obstacles in the area (overhead lines, roads, footpaths and buildings etc.). Warning signs/cordons should be deployed if the area is crossed by a road and/or footpath.

Consideration must also be giving to the weather.  Wind, rain and snow increase the risks associated with felling and our work plans may be adjusted accordingly.

LJ Taylor and Son Ltd. always treat tree felling with extreme care and are always sure to take the necessary safety precautions.

Need a fence designing, supplying or installing? LJ Taylor ltd can help!

LJ Taylor have an enourmous range of garden fencing available immediately at our disposal, however you can also have your perfect panels made to fit if you desire a more bespoke service. Whether you'd like a traditional picket fence across your front lawn, a high security fence to ensure your garden can be enjoyed in complete safety and privacy, we can help. We can even supply fencing that will match your timber decking to create a stylish and co-ordinated garden.

LJ Taylor provides local and effective tree planting services.

Tree planting is the most important aspect of of aboriculture, so getting it right is critical. It all begins with the right kind of tree for the sight, then planting it correctly so that it is able to thrive, before finally maintaining it, so that it will continue to grow tall and healthy in the future years to come. If you're considering planting a new tree, a hedge or even a small woodland, then we can ofer a comprehensive service ranging from planting through to maintenance pruning.

Pruning promotes growth thereby maintaining the health and vigour of the tree.

Makes the tree safe in it’s environment.

Regulates the size and shape to improve quality and aesthetic appearance.

We can provide pruning services to both trees and bushes surrounding your home and garden.