Types of Gutters

  • Half round gutter

  • Square gutter

  • Ogee gutter

  • Deepflow gutter

Industrial gutter

All of these gutters can be installed in various different colours to suit the needs and wants that you have. Colours can range from basic white and black, to red and browns that will make your guttering stand out more to not only yourself but to your guests also.


All gutters are troughs that collect rain running off a roof and channel it, with proper slopes, to downspouts that carry the rain water to the ground and away from your siding, windows, doors and foundation.


The most commonly used gutter – open gutters – should be regularly cleaned of leaves and debris in order to function properly.

We provide uPVC guttering that is very low maintenance, saving you time and money.

We ensure that the water flows freely through when installing the uPVC guttering to make sure rainwater is diverted away from your property, preventing the water from becoming blocked and stagnating.

When it comes to guttering, most roofing companies would agree that uPVC is the most durable of all. This material is a plastic that is mainly made of nontoxic materials and has all the benefits of a traditional plastic material.

This material stays longer for several decades even if you do not maintain it regularly.

The uPVC guttering installation is also preferred by several homeowners due to its appearance. Since it features a vortex drainage system, only a few pipes are needed. Therefore, the guttering will blend in with your roof.

With this type of guttering, you can also choose from a variety of colors, from brown, white and black. This can result to aesthetically pleasing roofing for your home.


Maintenance for your guttering is important as leaves and debris can collect easily in your gutters, especially in the Autumn months.


It is important that your gutters are regularly checked for leaves and debris to ensure that the water is able to flow freely through the gutter and down the downpipe.


In addition, guttering may deterioate and may need to be repaired to make sure that it doesn't cause nay further damage to your home and your roofline.


Repairing your guttering can be a very simple and easy process as long as you notice the problems and issues with your roofline as soon as it occurs. This makes the process a lot easier to deal with and won't cost you as much.

Life Expectancy

Ideally, the life expectancy of the average aluminum gutter is 20 – 30 years or longer, depending on maintenance, the care you take putting ladders against them, and regional weather conditions in your area of the country. Copper gutters may last 50 yrs, and galvanized steel gutters 20 years or less.